The Owner

Hi my name is Marcie Lucas and I am the owner of this site. The first time I saw Max act was in the movie, “The Darkest Hour” for me loving the strange and unusual that was one film I loved. Over time Max appeared in other movies I watched, but it wasn’t till this year that he actually got me in the Handmaid’s Tale I loved his character Nick. It was such a different side of him that it actually led me to create this site.

I’ve been doing graphics for over 18 years now as well as web design though graphic design has always been more of a passion for me. The movie Horns was a big impact on my life I’ve met Daniel Radcliffe and met Mitchell Kummen also had the chance to work with him for a month and he’s my best friend. Erik McNamee I have also talked to and they are all so nice and just the best people in the world. If you want photos on them you will have to go to my other site my portal can be found at LUCASHQ.