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Director Max Minghella Finds His “Teen Spirit” With Elle Fanning Collaboration

Max Minghella makes his writing and directing debut with Teen Spirit, the story of a Polish teenager named Violet (Elle Fanning) who enters a singing competition. Desperate to get out of her small town, Violet befriends an ex-opera singer (Zlatko Buric) who ultimately becomes her friend and mentor.

The movie was shot in the Isle of Wight, the island where Minghella’s late father, director Anthony Mingella (The English Patient) grew up. Though it would be easy to claim DNA as a reason for Minghella’s skill at directing, that would be just a sliver of the story. Teen Spirit, which features Fanning in one of her finest performances, also boasts, along with healthy share of excellent pop songs, a distinct and immersive visual style.

During the interviews we asked Minghella about what makes Elle Fanning a great actress. Producing partner Jamie Bell is also in the video.