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The Handmaid’s Tale’ Designer Explains How Politics and Class Play into Gilead’s D.C. Costumes

While the Aunts, Marthas and Econo-people also had slight changes to their wardrobe — which Bronfman said were inspired by various religions — it was new costumes for the Commanders and their wives that have the most political implications. “Different levels” of Gilead were clearly displayed through the Commanders’ updated uniforms.

“Nick [is] a newly minted Commander, he has no star because he’s still a junior,” Bronfman said of Max Minghella’s character. “Then you see Commanders that had one star. And then, in Washington, you saw some Commanders that had two stars. So there are different levels and clearly in Washington [with] it being the hub of the universe for Gilead, the real upper echelon would be in Washington.” 

“I mean, they basically hoarded all this stuff coming from the rest of the world and then this is the only place they can actually show it,” she added. “They went all out… It’s very much like when victors, the conquerors, steal all the stuff from society and hoard for themselves. Every world war we see there’s artwork missing.”